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Every artist whose work I've added to my Favorites has inspired me in one way or another. They inspired me to laugh, cry, shake my head or ponder about my own dedication to my work. I don't usually go out to favorite just for the sake of it. Every piece has its own virtues in my eyes. Regardless of how crude or unrefined it may be.


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Its been a year since I last posted a journal; literally a year which I find weird.  I guess I will update this as much as I possibly can, but, things have changed so much since my last entry, this will either be obnoxiously long, or frustratingly brief. 

We'll see how it goes, I suppose. 


I've been in relatively good health, so have my husband and children.  I usually post this first, because though everything else can go to crap; being in good health makes everything a little more bearable. 

I myself have dropped two dress sizes so it's pretty awesome for me.  I'm still volunteering for a local no-kill shelter and enjoy the simple labor.  I'm now thirty, and as such have a little less patience for the drama of those around me, and even less for senseless whining.  Strangely, I've only become more of the person I was before.  I suppose it's true that people don't really change much.  I've a pixie hair cut now, I was always told I had the cheekbones for the cut, so I took the leap and did it.  Frankly, I'm happy I did, I'm far less annoyed with my hair. 

My daughters are still doing ballet, and I wish I could post a picture, and as soon as I find I will.  Their recital when off with little problems, each doing well in their respective part of the event.  They attended a dance summer camp and are now actively into their second year of dance, both passing their Russian Ballet Exams this past November and going up a level.  I say this only because now my days four times a week revolve around taking them to this commitment, thus, it is my commitment as well.  I don't mind it though; the women, the families involved with this studio are very down to earth and not as snippy as what I've heard they can be. 


Okay, I've still been writing, everyone!  I have over 1200 pages in two separate novels and a short story I am writing!  I'm simply not posting much anymore because I feel that this stuff I will keep close to me until I'm ready to publish it.  I've been going full speed ahead, writing at least thirty pages a day, which isn't bad for me.  I know I wrote one entire novel in one month last year, so I'm pretty stoked about it!  I'm now only refining my ideas, working out what works and what drags on. 

My husband has been a great aid to me in this; since he and I, talk out the dialog and see if there is any flow to what I've written.  There are a few other pieces that I may be able to post, just because like my rants, they are nothing more than observations. 

My craft work is actually something quite new.  I'm sure you've seen tutus around everywhere, or at least pictures of them, I have too.  I checked out how much they were and it blew my mind.  I figured, well, I can do that too, and so I went ahead and did it.  It actually worked out really well.  I've learned to make flowers, to add embellishments and I'm now working on making these elaborate confections out of ribbon to sell them off as bows.  I'll post pictures as I go!  :D  I have no idea what I will call my new endeavor, but I most definitely take ideas from anyone!  :D  I may in fact need help coming up with a logo too! 


*SIGH* I find myself on the other side of the coin with this new, Assassin's Creed game.  I don't like Edward Kenway at all.  I don't hate the guy, per say, I just don't like his personality, his greed, well, his overall not giving a shit about anyone but himself is what bothers me. 

As we played through the game (we meaning my husband and I) I kept trying to find some redeemable quality about the chap, and I couldn't find anything other than passing nods at qualities Ezio and Connor had in scores.  He's not overly loyal, not overly giving, not overly passionate about anything other than himself...he seemed like a poor man's Ezio. 

What's worse, I find that though some may argue that he has flaws; so did Altair, after all, he gets demoted for his arrogance, cold and seemingly uncaring attitude.  Still, the man had standards.  Edward doesn't seem to have any, or frankly care overly much about anyone until everything blows up in his face and only then follows through, only because it aligns with his sense of vengeance and because he'd look like a dimwit if he turned his back on James' last request. 

I was glad to hear that he was not actually Desmond's ancestor.  I'm glad it's Haytham's mother that carries the Auditore line.  I felt at ease after finding this out, mostly because I couldn't fathom such a person being an ancestor of Desmond's.  Now I kinda understand why Haytham had no sense of loyalties and strives for some order and thus joined the Templar Order.  With a father who was as willy-nilly as Edward seems to be; I would have chosen a side that would give me some hope for a structured future. 

Also, Castlevania; Lords of Shadow 2 is coming out this month, and I'm pretty excited about the game.  I don't have much to say about it, I just wanted to note my happiness and anticipation.  I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope that this year brings good will to everyone. 

Talk to you all soon (hopefully not a year from now)



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I'm a thirty-year-old wife and mother of two. I have been writing in Journals and coming up with stories since as far back as I can remember. Writing has always been therapeutic to me. I like to test my limits as a writer, writing about issues and subjects often considered taboo.

I focus most of my energy on writing about supernatural beings, with a human twist to them. I love seeing them as people with extraordinary circumstances. The rest of my writing is mostly my observing the people around me. I find society fascinating and I have strong opinions about how society has evolved. I like getting into a good debate with anyone who concurs or disagrees with my point of view. I often learn more through these simple conversations than I do by living life alone.

I love reading too! I have dozens of books in my bedroom, as television isn't allowed in it! I also love listening to different types of music, especially when I'm writing. If it's good and I like it, I listen to it. Doesn't matter if it's rap or metal.


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